İsmail Yılmaz

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of Board
Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association

İsmail YILMAZ was born in Trabzon on 03.05.1972 and graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University, Faculty of Agriculture. He began his professional life by working in private sector as an agricultural engineer.
He started his career in the cut flower industry, as founder of Tempo Tarım Ltd., in 1998. He founded his second company, ABANNE Fide Üretim Ltd., for production of young plants, in 2001. his new company Green Line Tarim Ticaret Ltd. Şti. was founded in 2020 h   in the same field, for production and export of cut flowers.
İsmail YILMAZ has been Chairman of Turkish Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association Executive Board since April 2018. He has been Council member of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) since 2018.
İsmail YILMAZ, has been a Board Member of Turkish Ornamental Plants Exporters Association between 1999-2010 and Vice Chairman of the same association between 2010-2015.
He has been a Board Member of AIPH - International Association of Horticultural Producers, since 2019.
 İsmail YILMAZ is married and has four children.
Türkiye is among the world's important exporter countries in ornamental plants sector.  Türkiye has many advantages for a prospering horticultural sector, like having a favorable climate for production, geographical proximity to the main markets and production in modern greenhouses.
Türkiye is blessed with a wide range of climatic diversity. Given its location, rich flora and climate conditions, production all year round is allowed. Türkiye is home to a wide variety of plant species, having 3.500 endemic plant species in its flora.
Türkiye is also an important logistical base, located at the meeting point of three continents. It is able to offer convenient transportation with more than 200 direct flights to various destinations in the world. Road transport is also commonly used in export to reach main destinations in Europe like the Netherlands, UK and Germany.
Turkish ornamental plant exports have grown steadily in recent years and increased to USD 137 million in 2022. Turkish ornamental plants are exported to nearly 70 countries in the world. Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Germany, United Kingdom and Azerbaijan are the most important export markets.
Our association is trying to support and increase ornamental plant exports by promotional activities and new projects in target markets. We are working in cooperation with the global actors in our industry. We represent our country in Union Fleurs and AIPH, which are important international associations in the sector.  
Turkish ornamental plants sector has an export target of 400 million $ in 2028. We aim to reach this goal and increase our share in world exports and become a more strong player.
İsmail Yilmaz
Turkish Ornamental Plants Exporters Association