Annual Congress of AIPH (International Horticulture Producers Association) was held in Almere/HOLLAND between 26-30 September, 2022. Turkish Ornamental Plants Exporters' Association was represented by Mr. İsmail YILMAZ in the meetings.
Expo Conference, International Green Cities Conference, General Assembly and Expo Floriade trip were included in the program. In the Expo Conference, presentations of Expo Maraş 2023 and Expo İzmir 2026, which will be held in Turkey, were shared with the members. The application of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, for Expo Malatya 2028 was submitted and approved by General Assembly.

AIPH Board elections were held at the General Assembly. Where Leonardo CAPITANIO from Italy was elected as AIPH President, Bill HARDY from Canada was elected as Vice President and İsmail YILMAZ, Chairman of the Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters' Association, was re-elected as member of the Board.

Türkiye's presence in AIPH Board is of great importance for integrating with the industry actors and hosting new Expo Events in Türkiye.